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Court Ordered Screenings

Court ordered screenings are conducted as needed through referral from the courts. Individuals are required to bring any applicable paperwork such as a citation or judgment from the courts and pay the applicable fee.

Drug Education School (DES)

DES is a prevention/intervention service which provides an educational program for drug offenders as provided in G.S. 90 of the North Carolina Controlled Substances Act.

The school primarily serves individuals who are using drugs at the experimental/social/recreational levels but who are not abusive of or dependent on drugs. First time offenders referred by the court in accordance with G.S. 90-96 and G.S. 90-113.14 (Conditional Discharges and Expunction of Records for First Offense) shall also be served.

To enroll, an individual must bring a judgment from the court or other assessing agency along with the class fee to the program office and be placed on the roster. Class schedules will be determined upon enrollment.

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No Cost

UDS Monitoring:

No Cost

Intake for Treatment:

Fees vary based on provider chosen by client

Drug Education School (DES):



Fees vary based on provider chosen by client

Court ordered screenings:




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